We prepare two kind of payment,”Bank payment” and “Payment after receiving”cash on delivery.
Please refer as follows.

【Bank Transfer】
1,The total payment is as follows.
The total payment = Merchandise change sum + Delivery charge + Bank transfer handling charge (When you transfer,please confirm it).
2,Please pay Bank transfer handling charge by a customer burden.
3,After you received a mail”Daiichi co.Order reception details”that is transmitted from our company,Please pay by bank transfer,As soon as we confirmed the payment,We begin to prepare for delivery of goods.
Further,We strictly forbid bank transfer based on an automatic delivery mail by shopping basket”〔Daiichi co.〕thank you very much for your order,(shopping basket automatic delivery mail)”.
Crossing occurs to receipt of order and payment confirmation,then we”ll cause trouble to a customer as a result.
So please be careful above notice.
4,When we can’t confirm payment with 10 days,We treat the order as cancel.
Please be careful not to lost the copy of bank transfer.

【Payment after receiving】
1,Traders concerned : Sagawa Express co,Yamato Transport co,Fukuyama transporting and Japan mail
2,The total payment is as follows
The Total payment = Merchandise Charge sum + Delivery charge + Paying handing charge paying handling charge is uniformity 324 yen (including tax).
3,Please pay the total payment to the delivery person when goods is delivered.
4,”Shopping basket”calculate by a automatic computation system,So an ever sometimes happen.
Then,Please see the formal price by “Daiichi co.Order reception detain that is transmitted form our company.
5,We don’t wrap for present wrapping now,Please accept it.

note : about delivery charge,please refer to”about delivery”.