We can sculpture society name,group name,company name,and other as you like.

●We’ll carve your name by laser sculpture with charge,In case of only no regust for letter size,letter type like font and layout,adjustment fee and sculpture fee became free of charge.
The case when you hope for name insertion,considering proofreading confirmation period,it tales considering about 6 business days from receiving your order untill delivery of goods.
(We’ll inform you in detail by a mail “Order reception details”which will be transmitted from our company.)
The case when customer hope for name insertion,please enter in “add to shopping cart”at first and write down the name insertion contents that you want in “note matter”.
“note matter”is in a page of a method of payment.

The sample form : Name insertion contents “Satomi Sato”
We will inform you the name insertion contents for confirmation by a mail “Order reception details”which will be transmitted from our company after we receive your order.
Please check certainly the name insertion contents.
When there are correction and change,please be sure to malce a contact untill the fixed date mentioned,We’ll consider to understand and carve.

The name insertion sculpture space : Baby side
The name insertion sculpture size : about 10×50mm

Item code NO, : Rs-157
Article name : Laser sculpture name insertion service with charge
Regular price : 150 yen (including tax.162 yen)

●We’ll crave a logo and mark by laser sculpture according to the special order.
When you hope sculpture for the logo or mark you designate,adjustment charge is more then 2000 yen (except sculpture charge).
Please click this one for the detail information.
The color,the feel of material and the material sense of the listed product are sometimes different from the real thing depending on the environment of customer’s display,liquid crystal and computer.
Would you accept the following matter before Rand about our goods we’ll deliver.
The error is slightly in the goods about the shop,the size and the color of the goods by the material used for each goods.