Daiichi co,(It’s called “us” in the following) consider protection of personal information is social obligation.
To be management and operation of the website that customer can use surely,based on “personal information protection policy”,Handling of personal information in a website was decided as follows.

2,Coverage about handling of personal information
Handling of personal information in applied when customers use following case through our site.
・The purchase of goods.
・The contact to us.
・The subscription of a mail magazine and others.
When customers use our site ,the collected personal information is managed with our way of thinking about handling of personal information.

3,The use purpose of personal information.
The personal information we collected from customers and order information (including information about the order history of customer),It’s used for the purpose of setting as the following each number in addition to the purpose of offering this service.
We don’t use customer’s personal information,but only use for the purpose of offering this service and the purpose of setting as below.

(1)When we introduce our goods and service to a customer.
(2)When we substitute for a customer and carry out order procedure,confirmation of order contents and change procedure.
(3)When we answer to questions about from a customer.
(4)To request to customer about,offer of advice and impression regarding our service.
(5)To use for the destination that we received understanding of customer separately,after we make a contact to a customer separately.
(6)To make the statistical date classified every attribute of customer (the age and the address etc.)
(7)To indicate and offer service,and for information sending with which fit in each customer’s taste.

4,About safety control of personal information.
To secure accuracy and safety of personal information, We manage the access to personal information and restrict the way to take out.
We take rational security countermeasures against illegal access,leak,lose,destroy,modify of date,etc.
When an accident about personal information like a leak etc occurred,We take appropriate counter measures including a recurrence preventive measure promptly.

5,About entrusting of personal information.
We sometimes entrust business in the necessary are a for achievement of the specified use purpose.
In that case,We perform appropriate management and supervision of the consignment company.
(The consignment company are a transportation company,a printing company for mail of direct mail,a collection consignment company in case of merchandise charge owing and etc.)

6,Elucidation to a third person of personal information.
We don’t offer and open personal information to other enterprises and individual etc without one’s own permission.
But,when coming under below,it isn’t its limit.
(1)It we can get agreement of the person themselves about offer of information.
(2)When elucidation could be asked based on a decree from the official facilities by which it’s for government offices.
(3)When personal information is elucidated to a business tie-up company about operation of this site.
But,the information elucidated in this case is limited to only a necessary point and management of personal information is required by contract to an elucidation company.

7,About a cookie.
(1)A cookie is one of date saved customer’s hard drive including information about a customer with.
(2)Use of a cookie is never linked with personal specific information on our site.
(3)Even when a customer refuses a cookie,it’s possible to use our site.
(4)Our site uses a cookie on a detail page of goods and on a shopping cart.
(5)When refusing a cookie,a shopping cart doesn’t operate.
We don’t use a cookie for an unnecessary information collection purpose.
(6)(As well as us)When you purchase by the cart system,We’ll recommend to make the cookie setting of a browser effective.
(7)A cookie isn’t used for the purpose of anything but indication of its purchase history of customer and shopping cart.
So when you purchase by the cart form,please make the cookie setting of a browser effective.

(8)There is a page for which this cookie is being used by our site as follows.
・The collection of the access lag to use it for improvement of utility at the site.
・When a customer visited a site once again,time of the personal information input can be saved,and to use it move conveniently.

8,Confirmation matter about privacy on the internet.
We changed the contents of handling of personal information without preliminary notice because of circumstances of our necessity on the business,operation pf a new decree change of an existence decree and other things.
When changing it,We’ll put up it,We’ll put up it in this website and inform you.
When using it,please check the latest contents of this page.